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Passing out - any clues??

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Ok so I am going through a flare at the moment so having the headaches, cronic aching & weakness in my joints especially my fingers, wrists, knees & ankles. Last week I slept a good part of the day every day, but now another symtom that is worrying me a bit. I know I have had it before (before diagonsis) but concerning me all the same.

The last 2 days I have be aching but on the whole I have not had fatigue. But both days I have just passed out (thankfully while sitting down) I dont remember getting tired just all of a sudden everything goes blurry then nothing. I think I must have been passed out for about 30 minutes or so ??? Then when I wake up, I feel like Im on the Gravitron (fair ride where you are spinning very fast) and I feel like Im going to vomit (I havn't yet) I am trembling and after about 30 minutes or so, I am all right to stand up, but I am vague, lightheaded, blurry vision, weak & stiff on my left side (left side weakness is very common for me) for the rest of the day (like now)

Does anyone else have this problem?

Scared Im going to crash the car or slip into a coma or something horrible one day.

Sorry if this is just rambling, Im still feeling really strange. I will make an appointment tomorrow but I just wanted to know what you guys thought.


Shell xo
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Hi Seashell.

Sorry I can't help or relate but I hope you feel better soon.
just did bp just to check, its ok (only mildly high) 136/93

hope Im not having stokes or something.. :sad:

Shell xo
Sit down, take a deep breath and relax... I am sending you some awesome positive energy from South Africa!!!

Hi Seashell,

I'm afraid I really know very little about this but I think you are quite right to be worried. I would certainly not want to be driving if I was passing out without warning.

I don't know what kind of follow up you have but your doctor definitely needs to know what's going on and I would put a call thorugh asking to be seen as soon as possible.

There are so many possible reasons why this may be going on.

Hi seashell :)

This definitely does need checking out by your doc and pretty soon really. Do you normally suffer with high BP? That lower number is high and that's not a good sign :hug: If you can't get into the docs or you are having these episodes more frequently or just don't feel right then I think I'd head for the hospital just to be on the safe side. It could just be the flare, but it might not be, best not to take any chances.

Let us know how you are,

Hi again,

I have just reread your introduction post. You mention seeing a neurologist at some stage. Do you still see that same person? That could be a very good idea to keep up with neuro appointments if you are having this type of symptom as some lupus patients do have quite a few neuro symptoms.

Also, have you ever had bloods done for APS (or Hughe's syndrome)? That can cause all sorts of symptoms but for most people is relatively easily treated once diagnosed.

Dear Michelle,

You have been given some good advice. Please act on it, this sounds a bit extreme for a faint.
x Lola
The lower blood pressure is not high enough to cause this problem (I suffer from high blood pressure and once forgot my meds and wound up with 160/100 so I have some experience :) ) but this sounds like some of the problems some of the other members have recounted that have nervous system involvement. I agree that you need to see a doctor NOW. I would call his office and tell them that you have passed out without warning for up to 30 mins at a time and that you were sitting down when you passed out, not standing up or anything like that. If that doesn't get you in immediately than I would go to the ER or call 911, especially if you pass out again - as soon as you wake up. This would scare the heck out of me and I would insist on someone doing something about it NOW! It could just be a medicine reaction but you still need to find out what it is.
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hey seashell

I had similar 'passing out while sitting/laying down'episodes recently. I was having a good period where I was off Meds(pred) then I started to feel sick so i started pred again at 10mgs. After a week of this and feeling better, i tapered to 5mgs,which is what I usually take. Then i started feeling real sleepy and faint, waking up while forgeting when,where,how I fell asleep! I went back to taking 10mgs pred. and thats what I am on now. I thought i tapered too quickly. It was quite frightening,
With symptoms like that, you really need to go to an ER or get an appointment with your doctor immediately. There are a multitude of problems that could cause those symptoms with some being potentially serious (like stroke) and others being less serious but stroke should really be ruled out at the very least. I would have been at ER following the first episode I think!
Hi :)
Over the last 6-8 months ive been experiencing attacks of fainting, or feeling very light headed and almost fainting which are very scary :worried: However i only pass out for a few minutes then come back round, I am not diagnosed with lupus as yet and have had many tests to find out whats wrong, but docs cant seem to find out whats going on unfortunatly and at the moment im just labelled as Chronic Fatigue :mad: Which is v.frustrating!
Your faints however sound much more serious than mine, I would def go and see a doc, Hope you feel better soon and get sorted, let us know how you get on! :wink2: Take care x x x x x x
I agree this needs to be sorted soon as poss.

I note that you have seen a neuro...........have you had an eeg or MRI or experienced any form of seizure activity.
I may be well off the mark and don't wish to alarm you, but the sooner you see the doc the sooner this stops.
Please let us know how you get on.
Best of luck
I have to agree with some of the others and I would go to your er and if it happens again before you get out the door then call 911.

There could be so much that is happening and it is not worth the risk.
I know because I have just gone through all of this. Mine was seizures and I was hospitalized both times. You never know with this disease.
Please go to the er/drs now.

Thank you to everyone for your advice & concern, such a great bunch of people us loopies are! :)

Just a quick update on what happened today, not staying on computer long as it could be contributing to the problem.

I went to the GP today and she was a little concerned about my passing out episodes therefore she got me an emergency appointment with my neurologist ( a miracle I got in today as it usually takes about 3 weeks as an out patient) Also told me to pack an overnight bag just in case (lucky was not needed)
The neuro seems to think that it is one of 3 possible problems

1 option (the one I hope for) Related to my migraines and the fact that my Beta blockers dont seem to be stablizing my blood pressure enough. He has increased my metoprolol to 75mg morning and night from 50mg mornign and night.

2 option I apparantly have shown elevated levels of something in my blood that causes clotting. Therefore it may be small clots. I have had stoke scares before, I had pre ecempsia with both pregancies and when I had my 2nd child I had an episode of drooping on the left side of my face. Also always get a lot more weakness & pain etc on that side. (Ruled out MS)

3 option Some sort of Lupus related eplileptic Seizures. I was on the computer studying when both attacks happened therefore I should get off soon.

Tests that he is ordering for me (he saw me after hours so his secratary who does all this had gone home so unfortunatley I cant read the orders)

ECG of the brain

well wish me luck and cross your fingers and toes that it is the first option as option 2 and 3 really suck.

Hugs Shell
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Hi Shell,

wow, I'm really glad you got that appointment so fast.
It sounds like the neuro is being nice and thorough which is excellent.

That option 2 was why I was asking if you had had bloods done for APS.

keep us posted,
Oh and on a really postive note....

My Nice, Intelligent, Professional GP Search...

I think I found a winner yesterday!!! YAY!!! :bow:
Thanks for letting us know how you are, I was beginning to wonder.

That's great Shell that you could get in and he is running all the right investigations to try and sort it out, and they do seem like the 3 most likely suspects. Let's hope it's just option 1 though :wink2: If not you will be ok though because there are treatments for the others.

Take care,

I am so glad you got into your drs office today. All that you have going on is scary. I hope you get a straight answer. Let us know how you are doing. Take care of yourself.

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