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peeing blood

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Hello everyone , hope you are okay.
Well as the title says , I started peeing blood thursday evening. It started about 9.30pm , I'd been to the toilet every 5 minutes desperate but only peeing tiny amounts which lasted about 1/2 hour . I said to my hubby that something was going on & next time I went I started passing blood.
Went to Gp yesterday , I'd got +++ blood & +++ protein in the small amount I could pass. He prescribed Cephalexin for 5 days , if I'm no better after I've finished prescription I'll go back.
I went for my pelvic ultrasound on Tuesday , so I'll have to wait now until I recieve my pre assessment appointment.
I also had ultrasound on my wrist on Wednesday for suspected carpal tunnel but the doctor thinks the pain is coming from further up my arm.

post soon ,
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hey angie, yeah definately sounds like a uti...did the doc send the sample off to the lab to see what the organism is? cephalexin is pretty effective on most of them! hope you start feeling better soon! theres stuff you can get over the counter for the cystitis type symptoms you're getting it should make it easier to pee at least and works almost right away...theres one called oasis made by caneston its pretty good..just a drink! hope the ultrasounds are all good xxx
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