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peeing blood

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Hello everyone , hope you are okay.
Well as the title says , I started peeing blood thursday evening. It started about 9.30pm , I'd been to the toilet every 5 minutes desperate but only peeing tiny amounts which lasted about 1/2 hour . I said to my hubby that something was going on & next time I went I started passing blood.
Went to Gp yesterday , I'd got +++ blood & +++ protein in the small amount I could pass. He prescribed Cephalexin for 5 days , if I'm no better after I've finished prescription I'll go back.
I went for my pelvic ultrasound on Tuesday , so I'll have to wait now until I recieve my pre assessment appointment.
I also had ultrasound on my wrist on Wednesday for suspected carpal tunnel but the doctor thinks the pain is coming from further up my arm.

post soon ,
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