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Hi Miss Mary,

I am sorry that you have another thing to add to your list. It gets pretty frustrating sometimes. I have tremors but have never been given the title of a limb movement disorder. I also had a sleep study done which showed severe obstructive sleep apnea causing my total REM sleep to be at 17 total minutes. At least it was a explanation as to why I was always so tired.

My EKG is shows abnormal P waves but nothing too severe to worry about. It is a clear indication of the rapid heat beat I experience for no good reason.

My MRI scans also show lesions in the brain, all of which are in the white matter area consisting of my frontal lobe, corpus collosum and parietal lobe too. I was dx with Multiple Sclerosis but obviously now we know that is not the case.

I am curious as to if you have ever had a spinal tap or any other work up for Multiple Sclerosis? Also, have you had any tests done on your eyes like Evoked Potential testing, etc...?

I am sure between your Neuro and Rheumy you will get answers and meds to help get it all under control. It takes time to put it all together and come up with the right answer.

I am sorry your son is so busy, one daughter is so far and the other is ill. This forum is a good place to come for support and to chat with folks who understand and even have things in common with you.

May I suggest a local support group that is in your area and may be very helpful to you. I wish you luck moving ahead and keep us posted as to what the doctor says.:wink2::wink2::wink2:

Sending gentle hugs to you.
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