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Hi there its me again.

As you can see by my other posts I have been round and round with drs. No fun. About a little over a month ago I went to drs because I had a little petechiae rash looking thing on my thigh. Was sent for ANA and DNA test negative. I have tested negative twice now (2 weeks apart I'm sure isnt enough time). Well today I noticed that I have a small petechiae (I believe) again but this time on my stomache.

Very small red dots kinda like a bruise but you can push and no discoloration. I have a couple red dots off to the side of it too.. I had made a drs appt for Wed. so I will take pics just in case it disappears.

Any input would be nice.

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Hi. I've been getting a bunch of petechia myself. They just keep popping up all over. I suppose I should see a doctor but have no insurance. From the things I've read on different sites it sounds like it can indicate something serious.Yet people keep saying that their doctors don't seem concerned about them!

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Hi Mindyandy,

How are you feeling in general?

Do you have joint pain, other rashes, ulcers in your mouth , fever or general malaise?

Do I understand correctly that you are undiagnosed but SLE is suspected?

Have you seen a rheumatologist yet?

I've had petechia multiple times. They were part of my initial presentation with SLE. The first time I was admitted with suspected Henloch Shonlein Purpura, but they soon decided it was probably SLE (the confirmation of that took a frustrsting 1 1/2 more years for me).

Basically petechia happen when tiny blood vessels burst and bleed. Usually it is because of inflamation in these vessels (vasculitis). What causes the vasculitis can be many different things. SLE is one possibility, as is septicaemia or meningitis. It can also be as a result of trauma or pressure. For example some women get petechia in their face from holding their breath and pushing in labour. Some people will get patechia from a "chinese burn"(twisting the skin violently).

How important the petechia are depends upon what causes them. For example in meningitis, it is a sign of impending danger - parents are told to look out for this rash in their babies and to seek emergency help for example. Once my doc's had established that my petechia were probably part of a chronic condition and that all my organs were hanging in there OK, they weren't worried about the spots.

So, they may be nothing too serious, but as an undiagnosed person, they do need to be seen by a doctor and evaluated as a part of the total picture (ie make sure that there is someone who is aware of all your problems, not just the petechia).

Let us know how you get on.

PS, and if you do have symptoms of meningitis, get help fast....


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same sx

My sx have been the same....
pins and needles-sometimes
burning sensations various parts of body maingly-sometimes
prickly sensation
muscle twitches
arm aches/hand pain-sometimes
knee and foot pain-sometimes
speech problems-sometimes
Itchy-sometimes get a rash after intense itching
Jumpy limbs-sometimes
Red dots/peteichaie?
Scar easily
Memory prob/cog fog
black floaters

Can have a bad reaction to bug bites...Spider bites get really big and hard.
Mosquitos love me

No mouth sores. I sometimes get like zip type things on head.
When every thing started in Nov my hair was coming out in handfuls this lasted 2 months but I also just had a baby 3 months prior

Sun exposure doesnt make me breakout..however my mother (whom I cannot get to go to drs) every summer in the sun she breaks out in ugly sores.

I have had EMG/NCV, EEG, SSEP, bloodwork, & mri -all normal.
I plan to ask my dr on Wed to do bloodwork again. Do you have to be in a flare?

I have not seen ryhumy yet. I will ask dr for a referral.

I dont have a fever but I dont know if this is relevant but my joints crack and pop all the time.

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I had forgot to add that I am a very cold person.

Sometimes when I get touched like if my husband grabs my leg or gives me a back rub I hurt so back...its like I'm very tender. I never used to be.

I sometimes not all the time but I'll get like a lump inside my ear fold area that hurts if you touch it.

My body gets stiff like my ankles, knees and back.
Yeast fun....

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Hello again Mindy

You certainly need to see a rheumy who is usually the only person competent to diagnose lupus, preferably look for one who has some experience of lupus. Making that initial effort can save a lot of trouble later. Many rheumies don't know anything about lupus or just enough to have misconceptions.

I would say that any hard scratching will produce a rash because the scratching breaks the tiny blood vessels.
Petechiae are non blanching, meaning they don't go white when pressed- usually the doctor applies pressure with a glass slide. Feeling cold all the time can go along with thyroid problems and I think with anemia. Probably other reasons too that I don't know.
It sounds as if you might have some peripheral neuropathy issues - tingling and numbness can be associated with anemia too and also the effects of disease probably the extreme sensitivity to touch. That is linked to fibro too, I think.

Have you been tested for thryoid, anemia and diabetes ?

I sometimes get a sore lump in the outer ear but I have no idea if it is lupus related or what it is. I tend to have a sort of lupus skin, scaley, in that hollow area.

Being in a flare or not shouldn't make much difference. People can flare with no indication in blood work and diagnosis depends as much on symptoms and health history as on blood tests - another reason for having a lupus experienced physician.

All the best


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Thank you

I do appreciate your input. I will ask my dr for a referral to a Rheumy. The good ones around here are in Seattle. It takes months to be seen, however if waiting is what I have to do then so be it. I agree hard scatching can cause rashes. The peteichaie is located where I have not been scratching so I know its not by my scatching. Yes my first petechiae my dr pressed and it didnt blanch. This one is small and it didnt blanch for me either but my dr appt is tomorrow.

It is almost gone so I took pics. They arent that good tho.

I have been checked for thyroid. Thats fine. I will ask about diabetes and anemia. I do believe I did but I will double check.

How often should I have blood work tested?
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