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Hello again Mindy

You certainly need to see a rheumy who is usually the only person competent to diagnose lupus, preferably look for one who has some experience of lupus. Making that initial effort can save a lot of trouble later. Many rheumies don't know anything about lupus or just enough to have misconceptions.

I would say that any hard scratching will produce a rash because the scratching breaks the tiny blood vessels.
Petechiae are non blanching, meaning they don't go white when pressed- usually the doctor applies pressure with a glass slide. Feeling cold all the time can go along with thyroid problems and I think with anemia. Probably other reasons too that I don't know.
It sounds as if you might have some peripheral neuropathy issues - tingling and numbness can be associated with anemia too and also the effects of disease probably the extreme sensitivity to touch. That is linked to fibro too, I think.

Have you been tested for thryoid, anemia and diabetes ?

I sometimes get a sore lump in the outer ear but I have no idea if it is lupus related or what it is. I tend to have a sort of lupus skin, scaley, in that hollow area.

Being in a flare or not shouldn't make much difference. People can flare with no indication in blood work and diagnosis depends as much on symptoms and health history as on blood tests - another reason for having a lupus experienced physician.

All the best

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