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Hi Mindyandy,

How are you feeling in general?

Do you have joint pain, other rashes, ulcers in your mouth , fever or general malaise?

Do I understand correctly that you are undiagnosed but SLE is suspected?

Have you seen a rheumatologist yet?

I've had petechia multiple times. They were part of my initial presentation with SLE. The first time I was admitted with suspected Henloch Shonlein Purpura, but they soon decided it was probably SLE (the confirmation of that took a frustrsting 1 1/2 more years for me).

Basically petechia happen when tiny blood vessels burst and bleed. Usually it is because of inflamation in these vessels (vasculitis). What causes the vasculitis can be many different things. SLE is one possibility, as is septicaemia or meningitis. It can also be as a result of trauma or pressure. For example some women get petechia in their face from holding their breath and pushing in labour. Some people will get patechia from a "chinese burn"(twisting the skin violently).

How important the petechia are depends upon what causes them. For example in meningitis, it is a sign of impending danger - parents are told to look out for this rash in their babies and to seek emergency help for example. Once my doc's had established that my petechia were probably part of a chronic condition and that all my organs were hanging in there OK, they weren't worried about the spots.

So, they may be nothing too serious, but as an undiagnosed person, they do need to be seen by a doctor and evaluated as a part of the total picture (ie make sure that there is someone who is aware of all your problems, not just the petechia).

Let us know how you get on.

PS, and if you do have symptoms of meningitis, get help fast....

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