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Hello guys...ive never had this before but i think i have it now. I only have it in small patches...on my shoulder, my neck, my thigh and my chest but only small patches like max 10 little spots....anyone had it like this? and is it something i should mention to my rheum nurse as im on azathioprine? cheers xxx
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Try pushing in on the spots. Petechiae will not blanche (turn white) or change shape when pushed in. Little trick my doctor taught me.

When I get spots of it, the area also feels very hot. I don't know if this is normal for everyone or not, but is another way I can personally determine if it is petechiae or not.

Have you been tested or diagnosed with APS yet? Very common symptom for APS.
yeah they dont change when i press them they are like teeny red bruises. i dont have aps xxx
Hi Mooks,

Yes, you'd better call the rheumy nurse and tell her. Especially as it is the first time you've had them, you probably need to be checked to make sure your platelets and clotting are OK.

Do you have a fever or headache?

If you develop either of these, or change in consciousness, don't leave it the weekend but get checked out at A&E, just in case it isn't the lupus, but sepatcaemia or meningitis.

let us know how you get on

hey i do have a headache haha but thats cos i hit it thismorning soooo badly i threw up and had to go to a&e with concussion hahahah!! so embarrassing as i was at work!! but its not associated with the petechiea and i am generally feeling good otherwise lol...i had my bloods done last tues and platelets were fine but i didnt start getting these til a few days later...
Sorry to hear about the concussion. Sounds like the weekend has come just in time.

Take care,
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