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Hello everyone...

I posted last week when I started showing Raynaud's on my feet and my doc ran the ANA, since I have other symptoms also, and it was positive. Well, I go back again this week, just to have the ANA reran, to see what it will show.

couple of questions...

Will my ANA change much, like from positive to negative or something in a couple of weeks? it was only 1:160, didnt know to ask the pattern.

well i have another cold from the kids, it is my third one in about a month and a half. but today i noticed Peteciae on my arms, legs and belly. not severe, but noticable, nonetheless. I am a nurse, and my sister has ITP, so i know what they are.

Just wondering if this should be a concearn or not. Should i just give the MD a call monday, and let her know? or just write it off as the cold virus i am experiencing. about a month or more ago she ran cbc, and all those and said that they were fine, so i dunno.

she did say that if this ANA comes back positive too, then there is a bunch more diagnostic workup i will be put through. just getting ancie, about all this. thanks for all of the support and comments in advanced.

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I would show the doctor the peteciae. I had peteciae and my rhuemy made note of it...I had it for a long time but didn't know what it was. He pointed it out to me and said it is seen in lupus and other diseases.

My ana was 1:320 at the time and it stayed that way for a long time. Since I have been DX'ed (4 years ago )it has slowly went down and then back up. I hope you don't have lupus but if you do, I hope you will be DX'ed quickly like I was. I had enough symptoms happen all at once so that I got enough tests done that came back positive to get a quick Dx.

Best of luck to you.

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Nice to meet you.

Definately get the petechia seen by a doctor. It may well be a symptom of a developing autoimmune illness, and as such "just" another of the symptoms that go along with it, but it can also be a sign of more serious acute illness. Either way you need to be seen tomorrow (Monday) at the latest.

I've had multiple episodes of petechia - just a lupus thing for me, but the first time I got them I was admitted straight away to hospital. At the time I also had low platelets.

As you know platelet counts can drop very quickly, and thrombocytopaenia is one of the ARC criteria for lupus, so it is important to get it checked again, even if it was fine just a short while ago.

Hopefully these new symptoms will help in your diagnostic journey;)

All the best,


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:lol: hi just wanted to say iv grown up with reynauds not so much a pain its just there so long as u look after ur hands and feet it shouldn;t cause u much problems its an all year round problem it just matters how u look after it i have just read that ur ana does change frm positive to negative which i didnt no and i no how u feel bout the colds no sooner has it gone its back and al i get is its because ur immune system is weak tell me something i dont no hope to talk again x

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Hello :)

If you have several other symptoms suggestive of a CTD it would be wise to run the other tests anyway on the basis of the one 1:160 reading. Normally retesting would only be after several weeks. I mean, if the next reading comes back lower or normal what does it change in the diagnostic process. It can't rule out lupus anymore than a 1:160 is highly suggestive of lupus.

Usually a rheumatologist would do the more specific lupus antibody tests.

The blood work is only like sign posts and other abnormalities can be even more significant for a lupus diagnosis, or similar. I would just note the petechiae or call her if you like to report them, but she should be willing to accept your account if they have subsided by the time you see her.
Take a photo if at all possible.

I would urge her to refer you or do the other antibody tests all the same.
I suppose a urine test has been done

Let us know how you get along.

Bye for now

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I would DEFINITELY get a platelet count ASAP! When I first started getting those weird pin point rashes, I thought nothing of it too. (I was young and carefree.) It finally got so bad it looked as though some little kid took a red marker and drew little dots EVERYWHERE on me.... even my eyes had 'em. I went to a moronic doctor and he said it's probably caused from stress and as sudden as it came it should go away.

That night my nose started to bleed and would NOT stop... and I, being my stubborn young self refused to go to the hospital....until I got too weak and was carried there....

Turned out my platelets was at 4K and I was hospitalized for 3 days.

THat doc. soon retired.

Then one day I havent been feeling well for a few days... splitting headache and severe abdominal pain... I ended up collasping in the bathroom and just laid there till my mom found me...

Again..not only ITP but severe severe that they said if i didnt get in the hospital, i could have died within hours...mind you i was only 85lbs (I have severe hyperthryoidism too.) I had to get 5 pints of blood transfused. My platelets were at 6k, and no matter how much prednisone they gave me, IVIG, win ro, everything under the sun...nothing worked... I ended up spending two weeks, my birthday, christmas and new years in the ICU.... until they decided I needed an emergency spleenectomy.... they ambulanced me to philly an hour away and after three days there and meeting the surgeon and everything.. miraculously, my platelets jumped from 6k to 36k. No need for an emergency spleenectomy.

THank god I still have my spleen... because now my kidneys are failing too.

(I just turned 27 by the way.)

If you feel ANYTHING is wrong with you, dont hesitate, go see a doctor ASAP. And if you dont like his attitude, or the way he treats you, get another one.... he works for YOU.

It's taken years, but I am finally truly happy with my team of doctors now, and theyre GREAT at keeping each other up to date with their findings and sharing info.

Good luck.
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