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Photosensitive skin rashes

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Please see

Accounts of the different lupus specific skinrashes and differential diagnoses

ACLE = acute cutaneous, associated with systemic disease of all sorts

SCLE = subacute cutaneous, often associated with less severe systemic symptoms

CCLE= chronic cutaneous lupus, by definition not usually associated with systemic disease,M1,M1

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Thank you for the links Clare.

I just love to self diagnose myself.:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I have severe reactions to the sun which result in little bumps all over my skin that itch severely and have a small amount of fluid in them.

I will literally get thousands of these wherever the sun has hit my skin.

It sucks!
Thanks so much for the links clare!! :hug: I will have a good read of them later :)

Hope you are keeping well
love karen x
I just love to self diagnose myself.

So many skin rashes resemble each other so this was more an note of what other rashes are photosensitive which people quite often ask about and differential diagnoses of the malar rash. Photos are two dimensional so major characteristics of skin problems can't show up nor the distinguishing details that an experienced doctor would look for.

Thanks very much Clare.T for those links. They were so very helpfull, we should all do all the research that we can and arm ourselves with knowledge.
Thanks, and be well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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