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Hi Madwife,

Ever since they put me on all of these meds i stay constipated. I also have irritable bowel syndrome with starts out constipateed then ends up with diarrehea on a good day. On a bad day if i look at food i go all day long.

I've tried prune juice and other fiber pills(fibercon)which worked well, to help me go, but they take a while to work and thats another pill.

Recently i discovered drinking diet soda with ASPARTAME in it cause me get diarreahea if i drink it every day. Now i just use it for emergency cases.

Yogurt helps to loosen things up a bit as well and its gives your body the good bacteria for your bowls.

But in general i like to eat a small container of yogurt daily to keep me regular without any drama. For the rough cases I would add some granola too it.

If i wanted to hurt myself i would drink a glass of milk, though i don't think i could get it to my mouth as it makes me nauseous. When i want to enjoy my foods i'll eat OCCASIONALLY a piece of cheese,, but depending on the type and how much,, there i could hurt myself too.

I hope you got something out of that, I just typed as it came to my head

Good Luck
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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