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plaquenil and hypotensive drugs?

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i have the problems with my pressure - a light form of arterial hypertension (140/90, periodically, mostly of nueorotical origin and lasting character - can last for a month i.e., if not cut). as far as i found out empirically only angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors gave the proper and nearly immediate effect. but the problem is those ACE inhibitors contradicts with the immunosuppressors and are contra-indicated for patients with collagenosis (i have undifferentiated systemic disease and take plaquenil in supporting dose of 200 mg daily)
how this problem can be solved?:sad:
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Harddrop, Hello! I just want to say you need to talk to your doctor about this. There are many people who can not take one class of drugs that do fine on another. This is a decision for the doctor and if your primary cant handle it then a cardiologist will. There are Beta Blockers, ACEI, and ARB classes to choose from.

But remember, you are the boss in your healthcare. I do not condone "physician hopping" :tuttut: just to get the answer you want but if a MD dosent seem to know how to handle your healthcare then it is time to fire that one and get another.

I wouldnt keep a carpenter, landscaper etc... that was doing a awful job and no one should keep a doctor that makes them wonder if they can do there job right. :rolleyes:

As a matter of fact i am on my last straw with my Rhumey, if he cancels and rebooks one more appointment i am going to fire him!! There has only been once in the last three years that he hasnt changed my app due to being sick, being late etc... If i treated my job like that i would get fired. Here is to him showing up for my app tomorrow! :rotfl:
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