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The medications review forum is intended for members to post their experiences of medications used to treat lupus.

Please only post here if you have actually taken the medication in question.
If you want to actually discuss medications, please use the medications forum.
Only the member who has posted the review is able to reply to the review post (to update their experience if necessary).

Please choose the appropriate sub-forum in which to post, e.g. for prednisolone post in steroids sub-forum.

Things to note in your review:
Medication name.
How long you have been taking the medication for.
If it has been effective.
Any side effects.
Optional: why you were prescribed the medication, did you have problems getting it prescribed, cost of medication and if you had trouble getting funding (if applicable).

All reviews are moderated and will not appear for viewing on the forum until approved by one of the moderating team.
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Not open for further replies.