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Popping Sternum

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Off and on for the past few months my sternum/breastbone has been popping:eek: . It sounds about the same as a loud knee pop when it happens, and over the past 2 weeks has really increased in frequency. It happens when I get up from sitting, or try to lay down on my back, reach my hands above my head etc.. It is somewhat painfull, sort of a sharp stabbing sensation, thankfully, the pain doesn't last long. Do any of you experience this? Is this a Lupus related, or costochondritis related thing or something unrelated?
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I've not had a popping sernum but my spine/ribs between my shoulder blades "crunch" when I walk.

I had a bout of costochondroitis a while ago but the pain was continuous and got worse on moving.

Hope someone can shed some light on your trouble. It sounds most annoying for you.

Gentle ((((((hugs)))))) to you.

Love Judi xx
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Neongirl, I don't think it's related. I've been able to pop my sternum for many years, long before I had any AI issues.

At first it happened accidentally and it was uncomfortable every time. After a while it was a huge relief when I was able to get it to pop. I could do it at will and sometimes my sternum felt stiff until I popped it.

:rotfl: Other people get really weirded out about it and it's kind of funny to show people how you can do it.

Nowadays my sternum rarely feels like it needs to be popped, so eventually your's will probably calm down.
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