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Portabellini Mushrooms - Allergy

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Hi All,

Not really sure where to post this, but looking for some feedback!

Last night I ate Portabellini mushrooms along with scrambled eggs, went to bed and then six hours later I woke up with extreme nausia, cold sweats and proceeded to vomit.

Not sure whether I have had an allergic reaction! I'm normally okay with eggs and mushrooms I have never before had a problem.

The only thing perhaps different is with the type of mushroom, although I probably have had this type before but not for a couple of years.

Feeling much better now, although still quite nauseous.


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I know nothing about mushroom varieties but I have extreme reactions to mushrooms.

Unfortunately they either make me violently ill if I eat too many or I need the bathroom very fast and very soon after for a small quantity.

The worst bit is I love mushrooms and used to eat them no trouble at all. Last night we went to the restaurant and one of the appetizer things was a tiny tiny amount of mushroom soup. I thought that much wouldn't do any harm (I can eat dishes with a few in them without any trouble though I don't actually eat the mushrooms themselves). Of course I was wrong. Even that little had an effect. I'll spare the details :lol:

I don't think mushrooms are a specific lupus allergy thing. I know people with lupus often have allergies but I'd say this one of mine is just a coincidence. It's also probably more an intolerance than an allergy. I don't really have allergies to other stuff (unless one counts my instant migraine reaction to some perfumes).

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