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Portabellini Mushrooms - Allergy

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Hi All,

Not really sure where to post this, but looking for some feedback!

Last night I ate Portabellini mushrooms along with scrambled eggs, went to bed and then six hours later I woke up with extreme nausia, cold sweats and proceeded to vomit.

Not sure whether I have had an allergic reaction! I'm normally okay with eggs and mushrooms I have never before had a problem.

The only thing perhaps different is with the type of mushroom, although I probably have had this type before but not for a couple of years.

Feeling much better now, although still quite nauseous.


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(((Katherine))) - I love mushrooms too and would hate to avoid them. Before bed I did have more gastro irritation so swallowed a load of Gavison, which helped for a bit! I would say if it was the mushrooms if woud be an intollerance too.

(((Elisabeth))) :lol: Magic mushrooms (I wish or perhaps not:wink2:), never tried them so not sure whether I would prefer hallousinations compared to vomiting.

(((Maia))) Quite right it could be from the eggs (used the lion ones which are treated for saminlea), I did over cook them though (bit rubbery), or indeed passing stomach flu! I agree that it can be hard to eat something again that you associate with a bout of vomiting. Years back I had food poisoning from salmon which took me months to recover from - took about 4 years before I could try it again! It will be a while before I try the eggs and mushrooms again.

Last time I was sick a few months back I'd just eaten sunflower sprouts - wont be eating them again in the near future.

I've just read on the Lupus UK site information regarding bean sprouts and mushrooms and a certain something in both of them that can irritate people with Lupus! hope the link works, if not I found it in Butterfly October News, Lupus and Healthy Living!

Thanks everyone!

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