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Portland, Oregon Good for Lupies??

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Strange questions, but.... my husband has out of work for awhile and living here in Henderson, :sunny:Nevada (HOT :sunny:HOT :sunny:HOT) and having trouble with doctors.... I "think" I would welcome a move to a cooler climate.8)

So if anyone can help me with some info about Portland, Oregon, doctor, places to live, safe place, bad place whatever...I am trying to do research about the area. Also is there a Lupus support group??

I was hoping he would find something in seattle washington...I love the rain!!!:rain::rain:

The big plus that I see is the UV index is low all year round, and when it rains, I have less pain!!!??? My doctors cant figure it out.:lol:

I look forward to some hearing your thoughts!!


PS Plus I hear its dog friendly!!:dog:
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Hi Steffanee,

I can understand your delima (sp?). I don't know much about portland oregan so i can't help you there.
But i'm doing the same thing, moving to warmer climate, florida. I live in Maryland now,, near washington dc and the weather here is very iffy. Today it's 70's yesterday 40's. But the cold is weather paralizes me with so much stiffness its rediculous. The rain makes me ache so i won't be living in seattle.
When looking for places i just googled alot and found information that way.

Good luck on your search
Don't know much about Portland, but definately don't head to the midwest, Indiana, hotter and more humid than I would ever believe in the summer, colder than cold in the winter, and wetter than wet in the spring--as a matter of fact I have two mallard ducks in the backyard swimming in the back yard, fun to see them but in the back yard? I love the fall though. The one thing that holds true here is that whatever the weather is you blink your eyes and it's different.:hehe: There's a radio station that promises their weather forcast will stay the same for at least ten minutes. Karly Google all you can about weather conditions in different places perhaps that will help.:p

Both my husband and myself love Portland. It seems to be a clean city. It rains, more so, than here in Idaho..Oregon, is a beautiful state.

An added bonus, is that your close to the ocean..

Best Wishes,
My in laws are from Oregon and we have visited many times and different times.
1. The economy there is really bad. We were going to move there 2 yrs ago.
2. It is very hot during the summer and then of course rainy and very cold during the winter. The damp weather really goes right through you.
The heat is not dry like Neveda, it is humid and muggy.
3. I would recommend Seattle, Washington. It is gorgeous,yes rainy, but does not get as hot. The economy is better there.
4. Northern California is pretty nice-little spendy, but you can find jobs for decent pay.

That is just my humble opinion. I just know how hard it is to find a decent job in Oregon and that is scarey.

Hope that helps.

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