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Hi all we just finally got power after 3 days+ without it, we live outside of Houston and were affected but not as bad as other places like Galveston and Boliver peninsula, I am asking that you will be kind enough to send your prayers and thoughts to those affected, our area was hit hard enough to close our school district down for a week, schools have been damaged and without electricity and water, I know how difficult it was to be without power but we were lucky enough to have a neighbor who plugged in some extension cords into his generator and we were able to save our food and have a lamp and fan plugged in, it gets really hot here so that fan was a blessing without AC. Others did not have the luxury of a generator or electricity, I know everyone talked about Katrina and the victims, well now the shift has to be to the many Texans me included affected (not as bad for me) by the storm, Please pray for all of us esp those without a home to go back to, its easy for us (our damage was to replant the uprooted tree, replace shingles on the roof, and fix the many feet of fence that is who knows where, but others have NO home to go to.
Please take a minute to think of those who are suffering and those who are working hard to help others in there time of need.
Thank you and God Bless.

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Hi Laura

Im sorry to hear how you have been affected and, of course, those much worse off than yourself. It must be absolutely dreadful to lose your home:worried:. I hope all our members are okay.

Thinking of you all and wishing for better days ahead

Luv n stuff

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Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by hurricane Ike.

We got an email tonight saying a family of 9 drove in a van to Iowa.(from Texas) The kids ages are 3 months to 12 years. They only have what they came with.:(
No one can imagine what this family and all others are going threw,from hurricane Ike.


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My Prayers are with you and your area.
Our area was also effected by Ike and it caused a very large amount of damage.
Yes I still live in Ohio.
The area was hit by hard winds Sunday they are telling us was caused by Ike. It has 2 million in the state without power.
They are telling people some will not have power for six to seven weeks.

We got lucky at our house and have no real damage just alot of limbs around the yard I have been cleaning up. I have the graden piled with them right now and plan to have a recreational fire later to get rid of them.
It has to be recreational because it is illegal to burn to just get rid of the stuff.But if I have a hot dog or marshmallow on a stick it is legal :wink2:

Most of our schools have been closed since but some are starting to open again tomorrow.

Most of the people I work with are still without power so I call it lucky we were only out for a half hour.
Many have not had s ashower in days because they have no power and no pumps on the wells.

They are opening areas now for people to have a place to go and shower and many shelters have opened up in Churches and other places where they have some room.
They are also starting to get bottled water and food to give to people to help out.
But they said that right now the water is what is going fast.
Food is going slow but people are just taking a bit because they can not store what they do not eat right away.

It is hard to find ice and what gas stations are open have started to run out of gas because of so many people going to them.

Little by little we are seeing lights come back on and more places opening up so it is getting better.

They have told us that this has never happened before where a huricane has effected us like this but conditions were just right to keep the wonds blowing low and hard.

They have told us that they can not give a good record of the winds because all of the stations lost power and onlt recorded to the point where they lost power but the estimate is 125 peak winds but 75 was the highest most recorded before they wnt down.

At least we did not have the water to deal with as well just the wind.

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It has caused much damage and my heart goes out to those who are suffering from it. I am glad that you are ok. Prayers are always there.

Please take care of yourself with all the stresses around you.
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