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Pred and swelling ?

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Just wondered if anyone has had any fluid type swelling with this...neck armpits etc...almost fluid like..

many thanks.
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pred definitely makes me retain fluid. When I am on higher doses I sometimes take diuretics, coz it starts annoying me.

how you doing Christine, have you finished your cyclo yet ?


Hi Raglet...thanks for that...

well still waiting for my last treatment...its been delayed twice because of my white cells and neutrafills(sp) being too low...all being well Monday will be the last one of this regime.. x
Hi Christine,

I was on Pred for a long time through having Crohns,and im afraid its one of the side effects:(I remember my neck under my chin was very swollen!

Bonnie x
chris im still holding fluid, face yes legs yes, other places yes, but not neck NO check it out to be on safe side, infact when you go hospital today ask them

hugs Lin xxxxxxxxxx
geesh, they are being meanies - often if it is the last treatment in a series they will just cancel it if the wbc's are too low. My wbc's were always so crashed out by the end of the series of treatments they always had to flag the last treatment altogether. Suited me, I hate the stuff muahahaha.

hope you get shot of the nasty stuff very soon


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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