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Predisolone- getting off for good?

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Hello All, Just a quick question, i have been on pred for 17months,i have got myself down to 4mg, and never been on any more than 30mg. i also have never up the dose,always reducing, i have been through some very bad times, but i am so scared of this drug i just want to get off it! Do you think i will? regards june:sad:
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I think it's certainly possible, but please listen to your doctor and carefully continue lowering it or following doctor's orders! There are many ways to get off this drug, and after 17 months it will take a long time getting off those last 4mg. But it can be done by Christmas if you continue to do well enough to keep lowering it.

Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas present! :)

Take care and hope you are able to keep reducing without too many ill effects.
Hi June.
I was about the same as you. Its taken me 2 and a half years to get off them altogether but Ive done it now. Its been about 3 months now. Phew!!
It was so hard at times as I always seemed to flare a bit everytime I reduced.
I then got to 2.5 mg. Stayed on that for ages then one day I stopped. You will get there Im sure. I used to cut the one mg tablets in half just so I reduced so slowly hopefully my body wouldnt notice.
Im not perfect but dont feel any worse than when I was on the 2.5 mg. I just take the odd Diclafenac now to help with a little joint inflammation now and again.
I had some side effects like a bit of a hump on my back :sad: and somewhat fluffy cheeks but nothing too bad. That all seems to be better now Ive stopped. Oh Im a stone and a half heavier too but Im working on that now.
Wishing you all the best.
Luv Sal x
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