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Predisone & Fibro.

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Hello everyone,

I started taking the predisone for the H.E. I started with 60 mgs and I'm down to 20 now. There doesn't seem to be much improvement with the nuero. pain in the head. :sad:

But I am having increase pain in my legs and back. (The main areas I have problems with my fibro.) I was wondering if anyone has had predisone cause problems with the fibro.

I think I'm going to call the doctor Friday if the neuro pain is no better to see if I should extend the predisone..........but looking for some imput about the fibro.

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Pred. does not help Fibro, and when you cut down on the dose you will probably find fibro pains increase. (You get a sort of kick back effect)This is not comfortable but will fade soon.
x Lola
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