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Prednisone- no weight gain??

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I have been on 20 mg of prednisone for about a month now. Maybe a little longer. I am also 9 weeks pregnant. Now normally with 20 mg, I dont gain too much weight, but at least about 10 pounds ( I am normally underweight so i look "normal" when on this dosage.). This time I have not gained a single pound. Has anyone experienced this?
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My father has... but not me.

I lost a little weight (8 pounds?) my first trimester though, not entirely sure why. I only had mild nausea so if you are having morning sickness then you may be eating less, or eating less fatty foods, or actually throwing up some of what you eat; so that combined with the increased energy demands of pregnancy could also be responsible for your particular situation.

So... the prednisone could be masking a little weight loss depending on how you are feeling/eating during your first trimester. I think it's very typical to not gain any weight until into the 2nd trimester too - so this shouldn't be anything to be concerned about.
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