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Prednisone side effect

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I've taken smaller doses before but had a bit of a relapse a couple weeks ago. My rheumy started me on 20 mg, then down to 15, 10, and only 5 now until I go for a nerve biopsy.

I'm having lower abdominal pain and constipation like crazy. The pain reminds me of dull menstrual cramps (had a hysterectomy). Never had this before. Is this common? Starting to annoy me. Totally changed my whole "bathroom habit" since starting this regiman. LOL Sorry to be graphic. :blush:


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Hi Michelle,

Prednisone constipates me also. I have to increase my fiber and fluid intake. Since it makes me really hungry I try to snack on fruits and veggies, staying away from sweets. Increasing my exercise helps also. Heat helps too.

Good luck with your nerve biopsy.

Take care,
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