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as u all know i went to london to see Dr Kaul a few weeks ago
he recomended that i start some steriods for about 6 weeks and also plaq
so the letter came into my G.p yesterday to say which steriods but not how much
how much did u guys start on i am especially intrested in the steriods
as my G.p has i fee just picked a figure out of her head and said to just try them for a week
so i have e-mailed the Dr to see what he says
driving me a bit mad
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Jeepers Alex :eek:

Thats really bad form. I cant believe they didnt prescribe the dosage for you! It would be impossible to advise on this one. Nobody could possibly guess what dosage of prednisolone you should be on - nobody that is except your doctor.

Having said that it wouldnt be uncommon to be on a dose of say 5mg or 10mg or so but many others are on much higher doses and taper off over a period of time. This is to alleviate symptoms and reduce inflammation quickly while the Plaquenil works its way into your system. This could take a few months though.

What dosage did your doctor pick out of the hat by the way?

When I started on prednisone, I was suffering from serositis (inflammation of the lining of the heart, lung and abdomen) and they put me on 20 mg.

Joan is right though, it's impossible for us to guess at what the right dose for you is. Some never go over 5 or 10 mg. The last time I had pericarditis, I had to go up to 80 mg. So, it really depends on your symptoms.

I'm equally surprised that your Rheumy didn't give the dosage to your GP. Why didn't he write the prescription himself? Just curious. Any meds I have for Lupus, I get from my Rheumy.

Good luck.

Hi Alex,

It usually depends on the severity of your symptoms. Most doctors keep the dosage as low as they can due to the many side effects of steroids. No matter what dosage you are taking do not suddenly stop taking the steroids. If it is necessary to stop for some reason the doctor will give you tapering instructions.

Take care,
hi thanks for the information i have send the Dr now an e-mail and also one to his secretary to make sure someone sees ithe said i awas to take it for 6 weeks as well as the other neds
but my G.p said to only take it for a week of 40mg
but i really think this is too high for me i am coping at the moment and dont want to take to much
will let u know what his replay is and your are right he should have inclosed this info in the letter to my g.p.

Sometimes when doctors do crazy things like this it really makes you worry.

Please let us know how you get along.

I am curious, will they taper you down off the dose or is it just one set does the entire time your on it?

Good luck.:wink2:
Hi Alex,
I started on 40 mg down to 0 mg dropping 10 mg a week until 10mg then went to 5 mg then 0mg this was over six weeks.
The rheumy gave me the prescription to take away and he put all the doses on but not the name of the drug. Obviously i had to get my gp to redo the script as i bcouldn't get it from the pharmacy!!
See these consultants are certainly not above error!

Take Care

Cassie :)
Hi Alex,

In my opinion thats quite a large dose to come straight down from, I would definately get the advice of the Rhuemi before you start any Pred.

As others have said tappering is a good idea too!

Take care Lesley
Hi Alex

Wll Im glad you dont feel too bad and are in a position to wait until you hear from the Rheumy. If the Rheumy says six weeks I cant for the life of me think why your GP would say only one week.

Best get the advice of the experts. Its unfortunate but mistakes do happen so its always best to check these things out if there is any doubt.

Let us know when you hear back from them

Best of luck and take good care
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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