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Hi everyone, it has been a while.. I just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant. As many of you know, I lost my daughter to pre eclampsia several years back. I do plan on carrying this pregnancy and doing everything I can on my end to ensure a healthy baby and mom :).. I do have lupus nephritis.. I haven't been on steriods in months.. my creatine has been a 1.0 for about 5 months now. Very good. But when I took a test last week.. my creatine is the same however protein is up.. not good. They put me on 20 mg of steroids to try and control it. Well see how that works this week.

This pregnancy what I am going to do is be VERY CAREFUL and smart in my decisions.. not that I wasn't before but because of what happened last time.. I have a different outlook. I am going to be taking blood pressure 3 times a day.. last time I had the extremely HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE for about 4 days before I went in (i didn't know it was so high.. I dint have a cuff at the time) .. they say if you catch it within hours that they can normally reverse it without delivery. Also, what I am going to do is get on a kidney healthy diet. I am having a diff time finding a good kidney diet for PREGNANT women.. I looked on amazon but I didn't se anything there either.. I figure maybe nothing like that exists since they don't recommend kidney patients to get pregnant.. does anyone have any experiences they want to share or any resources you can point me to?? Thanks everyone!
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Hi Leah,


First, may I ask a question? From your other posts I see that in April 2008 you posted you were newly pregnant, and also in July, the same...did both these pregnancies end in miscarriage, or did you have to have a medical termination? You sure have had a tough year if I'm reading this correctly and this is your 3rd pregnancy this year:(.

In terms of diet and pre-eclampsia prevention, there have been a few studies recently. One looked at the possibility of a high calcium diet possibly having a preventative action on preeclampsia. The other looked at a vitamin supplement. As far as I know the results of both were not very convincing - ie neither dietary supplements helped. Still, you could discuss this with your obstetrician, because it probably won't hurt and if it gives you the feeling that you are 'doing' something, then the lower stress is a good effect.

In terms of a renal diet, again check with your nephrologist and obstetrician, but it is probably not going to help you much, and severly limiting protein intake may put you at risk of iron deficiency. Still, you also don't need to overdo the protein intake - 30-50g per day is plenty, and most of us do tend to eat more meat than needed. Keeping your salt intake low is a very good idea, and may help keep your blood pressure in check.

The best thing though is vigilece, and you are onto that:p. Do try and relax too though. To some extent it really is out of your hands and what will be will be. Hopefully this time it will be a good outcome:blush::blush::blush:

All the best,

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