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Preparing For The Winter Months...

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Sorry... but I'm a big-time 'planner'...
I've been diagnosed with MCTD. I have pretty bad Sjogrens symptoms. Thank God, I finally know why my mouth, eyes, skin, etc are always dry and I feel hot all the time.
OK... So I'm planning for the winter months, :snow: and I need to know what moisturizers are best, do you have favorite lip treatments ? I prolly have to buy a case.. Should I invest in a 'bigger' humidifyer ? I have electric baseboard heat, so its nice and dry all season.. :lol:
How do you change your environment for the colder months.. Sorry I know its still beautiful out but I've started my lists already :writing:
My OCD kickin in a little this week..
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For my lips I prefer plain old Vaseline/petroleum jelly. Anything else seems to work against me more than for me. For my eyes I just use drops and gel at night. Otherwise I don't have any other dryness associated symptoms.

I did try the humidifier for a while to see if it would help with the eyes, but it really didn't help and was such a pain to constantly replace the water and clean/disinfect that thing that I gave up rather quickly.

You are starting your winter preparations early - but just like the squirrels around here are madly gathering acorns so you're in good company. ;) My horses are also getting their winter coats in already - I think it may be an early winter!
Hi Blue,

My lips need constant attention. Vaseline is the only thing that keeps them from chapping. The line of products I like for moisturizing is Aveeno. My skin is normally dry and cracks, but since using their line I haven't had as much problem.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

Take care,
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