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:eek: Hi all, I wish everyone is fine. Monday morning I woke up and as soon as I came to the living room, I looked at
my husband and he said, in a very loud voice: " what did you do to your face?" like I knew. So I went and looked and under my right eye, there was a bluish-purpleishround area.
All I could say to him was that I didn't know. By after lunch, it had come down my face, only a little thinner, sort of like a shape of a tornado, only the under-tail was wider. By after supper, around 8;00 pm. it was from where it had started at the top, and progressed down my face to almost
beside my bottom lip, except not close to the lip. Now the catcher>> The next morning,97-98% of it had dissapeared, Can anyone out there make any kind of sense of this , Please? was it part of the butterfly rash? I have seen that they can be from red-orange, to blue-purple. I'm just very nervous. Thanks ahead of time all you guys, you are always so great to me.:wink2:
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