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Pretty darn epic housing accommodation!

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I got approved for a housing accommodation for next year! Somehow I managed to make myself sound really way desparate which means that next year I'm going to be in a room that's meant for two, but by myself, with my own private bathroom!
After having the smallest double to share with a roommate ever, and barely being able to fit my desk and bed on my side of the room, this is going to be pretty epic. Not to mention having a TUB. The whole showering on sore knees thing has been a pain in the...knees. :p
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That's great news and fully deserved!! You see, sometimes you need to just get "desperate" across to others.

Nice birthday news :) Somewhere to partaaay :p *sigh* I wish I was young again
Thats just wonderful news! :) I hope this helps lift your spirits. Your pad will be the one they all want to hang out at :p Enjoy your birthday!

Luv n stuff
Brilliant news Applesauce!!! :thumbs:

Hope you had a lovely birthday today! :)


Great news Applesauce! Those dorm rooms are very tiny for sure.

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