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Prickly Heat

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Hi all,
just back after a very long spell away.....
I am suffering badly with prickly heat, does anyone else suffer with this ?
any suggestions for anything to help besides piriton and calamine lotion, as these dont touch it.
I would be most grateful for any suggestions.
Thank you:(
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I"m sorry to hear of your discomfort. The only thing i can suggest is aveeno oatmeal bath. It comes in a box with several envelopes containing the oatmeal. It makes a mess in the bath tub but it helps soothe irritations. You can find it in any drug store. Even in the baby isle.
Hope this helps you out.
Also try some baby powder with cornstarch.

Feel better soon.
Thank you Florie, will try anything at the moment, do you know if alot of lupus sufferers get it?
I have had sle for many years with all its complications and seem to have gained prickly heat over the last 5 years.
Hi there,

Just had to reply to your question about prickly heat. I have suffered so very badly with this over the years. Absolutely dreaded going out in the heat for fear of this coming on. I have before now had to sit in a bath of cold water just to feel better and one evening had to leave a restaurant as I couldn't bear the itching/pain any longer. I was unable to bear any clothes on me! I usually come up in a huge ugly red rash on my neck, chest, back and arms. I have cried with the awful itching and felt so self conscious having to cover up and not being able to wear summer vest tops etc. Looking around I seemed to be the only one who ever suffered, seemed so very unfair!

I have now found some relief though and it requires some preparation. Last year prior to my holiday, I took 1mg of Prednisolone daily for 2 weeks prior to me going away and during the holiday, (as it happens I am now on 5mg daily mainenance dose anyway so that takes care of that!). I also took 15mg of beta carotene daily. I had about 6 sun bed sessions to prepare my skin (despite the recent scares) and never sunbathed in direct heat. Everytime I felt too hot, I either went into the swimming pool, took a shower or sprayed myself with a water spray. I also used Boots clear Soltan suncare spray which I found very good as it is light and doesn't clog the pores.. after all it is the sweat glands being blocked that causes prickly heat, so try not to sweat either!!

Obviously this advice is for when you are on holiday. I find if I tend to avoid the sun otherwise, stay in the shade and try as much as possible simply not to get too hot. Little battery fans that you can carry around in your handbag are good. I do hope this helps, as I can really sympathise with you.

Best wishes,

Frances X
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Hi again,
Have you showed this rash to your doctor? He should be able to prescribe something.
I read that prickly heat is an itchy skin rash trapped by sweat-- It results when sweat glands are blocked and ruptured.
Look up
or look for websites on prickly heat. Stay in air condition and wear cool cotton clothes. I hope you get some relief. Call your doctor and get his advice too. Please let me know how it goes. I guess with lupus our glands are effected by heat. feel better soon,
Hi Dawn,

Lillypad's suggestion of the Boots Soltan suncare range is a good one. My mum suffered prickly heat for years and we found out that there was something in the waterproof suncream that blocked the heat in and made it worse. They have now reformulated the ranges and Boots have a once a day cream that they have just released. I wouldn't suggest preparing your skin by taking sunbeds as lillypad has - this would probalby do more harm than good in the long run. Otherwise you could treat yourself to some lovely kaftans that are in the shops at the moment - retail therapy always works for me! ;)

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