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Private disability insurance site

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It is no secret that the private disability insurance carriers in the US are denying claims at an alarming rate. They will do whatever they can possibly do to get out of paying a claim.

If you research this on the internet you will find that the disabled people in this country who paid their premiums in good faith are being turned down in epidemic proportions when they become unable to work and turn to their insurance providers. is a message board that has some good information about private disability insurance. If you ask questions and search the forums don't forget these forums are hosted by professionals in the insurance business. I think they are UNUM/Provident claims managers. They still offer valuable assistance for those of us pursuing our claims, just be careful what you post.

I have found it to be a valuable tool since my DI company decided thay had paid me enough money and cancelled my claim a while back. I am on my second appeal.

Good luck to all of you going thru this process.
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Hi DiForums,

Thank you for clearing that up. For some reason I had an idea that a couple of the forum moderators worked for UNUM/Provident. Which company do you do sales for? I did figure it was set up by someone in sales.

.............. . Most of the posters are quite helpful which is why I recommend your site.

The fact that the site is owned by a carrier is reason enough to be careful what you post, is it not?

It's nice of you to host the site because it is quite helpful to read others' stories.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation with the company. Has it been more than a year or two since you last heard from them?

You can have a condition for any number of years and not suffer from disabling effects. Most illnesses are progressive. The pre-existing condition clause is one insurance companies like to use (abuse). The mental health limitation is another one they like to try to pin on people.

If it hasn't been more than a year or two you might see if you can find an attorney to look at your case. I think you have 180 days to appeal your decision but the statute of limitations might be much longer than that due to the fact that they contacted you years later.

*edited to add - The statute of limitations varies from state to state and also depends on the type of claim you are filing. The more I mull this over the more I think that you must have at least two years to get an atty to file on this. It is worth making a phone call. Most attys will listen to your story and give you an opinion for no charge. There are attys who deal strictly with DI claims who will take your case on contingency. They typically handle the case for 30% of your winnings.*

There is no precident in law for your situation that I know of. The standard 180 days wouldn't seem to apply since they made contact outside of the time limitations set forth in their own handbook. If it can take them several years to review your decision, then shouldn't you have several years to reply. I would look into this and the statute of limitations in your state.
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