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Probably not related, but thought i'd check!

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hello. so i am still waiting for ANA and RF results. but i have been wondering whether the following could be linked to rheumatism.
im never thirsty. im lucky if i drink 500ml of anything a day. i just have no desire to drink, i can easily go most of a day without drinking anything. take today, i bought a 500ml bottle of juice, and ive drank about 1/4-1/3 of it.
i cant drink plain water, as it makes me retch. and i cant take big mouthfulls without feeling sick. my throat also doesnt seem to let the drink down if i take a lot at once.
could this be related to anything? do you think i should get checked out?
i dont know whether this is serious or not!
hope you can help, thanks! :)
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Hello ashli :)
Sometimes connective tissue diseases involve swallowing difficulties but as far as I know that would be with food too, not just fluids. I think you should mention the problem becasue of the concern that you are not getting enough fluids each day. Supposedly 20% comes from food and there's a theory that the current 8 glasses a day is unnecessary. Other drinks count too towards total fluid intake ( again depending what you read.!)
Maybe not drinking very cold or very hot would ease the situation and sipping, even through a straw. Keep a careful account of how much you are drinking in total. It might be more than you think.


I drink loads as a habit but noticed swallowing problems. I thought it was my nerves but when my schimmers test was bone dry I looked up srojens sp? That causes swallowing difficulties and I think the rheumi will diagnose me with that. I have positieve ana and rf
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