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protein in latest urine test

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in addition to my new lumps ..thanks ladies for the info :).. iforgot to mention i had protein in my latest urine test ... I have been negative since 1998 for protein.. it was very low i believe trace ..but It was there ... any comments ..thank you everyone
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Dear Ducky, a trace of protein is not necessarily a problem. It happens to me sometimes too.
x Lola
It's nothing that needs immediate attention or further tests right away. But it should be followed up routinely - probably just another simple u/a within a few more months or sooner if other symptoms develop (such as sudden onset hypertension, swelling/edema in legs, reduced urine output, etc.).
it could also be the sign of a kidney stone. i get protein in my urine a lot when i'm trying to pass a kidney stone. like everyone else said, a trace isn't too bad. if you start to develop any other symptoms, then talk to your doctor about it.
hey i have a trace every single time. plus high bp and my rheumy isnt treating it. he says it he just will keep checking. aslong as they keep an eye on it i dont think trace amounts are a problem. xxxxx
I also have protein everytime in my urine and my drs are just watching, but any new sx;s like everyone has said-call your dr.
You said since 1998 what was going on in 1998?

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