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Provigil & Plaquinel

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My daughters rhumey told her to take name brand plaquniel and it should be better on her tummy(also told her to play around with the doseage to what she can take) but he didn't give her anything for the extreme fatigue so yesterday she had appoinment with her GP and told her it was getting so bad no matter how much sleep she gets she still falls asleep even at work sometimes on the phone with patients so she gave her a script for provigil 200mg and told her to start at half a pill.She took first one this morning and says she feels so much better not sleepy at all.Anyone else on this med.?
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Hi Sharon,

The prescription plaquenil should not be played around with in dosage. It can and will do harm to vision at least if too much has been take for a certain period of time.

That is why doctors recommend and eye exam every 6mos. when you are taking this drug. My opthalmologist said it is usually toxic when taken more than 400mg.

Also, just in case the doctor didn't tell you,, plaquenil takes up to 6 months to kick in. So for pain and fatique you might want to consider taking something else along with plaquenil until it does give you a bit of relief.
The recommended dosage for plaquenil is 200mg twice a day.. I take it, 200mg in the morning and 200mg at night for a total of 400mg.

The other prescription they gave her provigil 200mg i know nothing about. But i will share with you a website that can tell you side effects, what it is used for,, and interaction with other drugs.

Good luck,
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I am also on Plaquinel and have an eye exam every 6 months. I took provigil (my miracle drug) for about a year. It really boost my energy level. However, the powers that be (insurance gurgus) decided if I was not on an antidepressant, I did not need this drug any longer and refused to pay for it. Provigil is usually given to patients undergoing chemo to help with fatigue, but it worked great for me as well as others I have talked with.
Yes we know about the plaquinel she has been on it for 3mos.but it was keeping her stomach upset she couldn't handle 200mg.twice a day so as taking 200mg. a day.Her rhumey told her others had same problem on the gerneric so for her to get brand name only and to play with what doseage up to 400mg a day as she could handle it.
She takes effexxorxr for depression.What mg. a day did you take of provigil? Did you take it once a day?
i take provigil occaisionally, but for me it is like rocket fuel (think 10,000 cups of coffee) so I can't do it too often. I just take it when I am desperate, and usually so I can go to work. But I think part of my problem with it is my extreme sensitivity to most drugs, plus I have a lot of neurological damage so I think it is just too much for this compromised brain.

Many do very well on it - it shouldn't be taken when a person is actually unwell as it can mask the need for rest which is needed for recovery. But for ordinary old lupus fatigue (I'm tired just because I am tired) it can be very helpful provided a person can tolerate it well.


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