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punctal plugs put in..feel worse..Help

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Yesterday I had the plugs put in my lower tear ducts. My Dr. said I should feel relief right away. Instead I feel worse. Not only are my eyes tearing up worse then ever ,but they also burn. Do I need to give it more time? I'll probably call my Dr. if it doesn't settle down in the next few days,but I wondered about others experience with the plugs.
thanks ,Kate
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punctal plugs

Hi, Kate
I had that done a few weeks ago and could not stand them in either,
the doctor removed them and i went to an eye surgeon, she said
that my bottom eye lids where tilted backwards toward the inside
of my eye more than most people so she cauturized the duct to perm
anatly close them up.. it was sore for a couple of days and my eyes
turned a little black and blue but it was worth it, they are still not perfect
but when i put drops in there they stay.... Hope this helps and you
find relief somehow...It is so miserable when your eyes are red and feeling
like you have sandpaper glued to your upper lids. plus it is dangerous
she told me it could damage my corneas and i could lose my sight!!
Good Luck
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That was not my experience... I had no problems with them. I would call your doctor right away in your shoes, especially since he said you should get immediate relief and yet you are worse now. Possibly you are allergic to the material in the plugs?

Looks like you will be moving on to the next option - you can ask about Restasis. I think they work in about 30-50% of the people who try it. It worked for me - better than the plugs too.

Good luck - let us know how it goes!
Call your doctor. I don't think it should hurt.

I don't have experience with my eyes as I just use drops, but I do know that when I have cytoxan my mouth suddenly fulls up with saliva (to the 'normal' amount, but it feels like a tidal wave to me) and it is really hard to get used to. I just don't know what to do with it all.

Maybe it is partially a similar effect in your eyes ? Even so, I would still check with your doctor, it doesn't sound right.

feel better soon

Hi Kate,

I didn't get relief until I had the plugs put in both my lower and upper lids. Then I had relief. Before I was putting drops in my eyes on the hour. Now I can go for half a day without them.

At first my eyes were a little irritated, but it soon went away.

Hope you begin to have some relief soon.

Just an update. I went to the eye Dr...... Not my Dr. ,as she had already left. But someone else in the office. She gave me some drops for inflammation,and I have an appt with my Dr. on Friday. We may have to take the right plug out as that is the one that's bothering me. The redness is actually in the outer corner of my eye ,and not near the tear ducts .So she's not even sure it's even related. But it seems too much of a coincidence since my eye was fine before I put the plug in. I may try the Restasis. I was told it can take up to four months to work. Is that right? One of the reasons I went for the plugs was for immediate relief.
Thanks for your replies....Kate
From my memory alone... it was just a few weeks before I had improvement on Restasis. I thought usually the relief was much quicker than 4 months --- when you are going to get relief from it at least!
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