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I am not sure what the difference is between autoimmune hepatitis and lupus hepatitis probably not much in terms of treatment.

You can tell them that according to reliable sources people with AIH who aren't treated promptly with the correct medications - Prednisone and Azathioprin - will probably be dead within ten years.

At the best these sort of supplements will do no harm. I can only suppose that the people who are taken in by these ads have no idea of the potential seriousness of autoimmune diseases. It's so odd that they are willing to believe the claims of people who stand to make a profit from their product by blatantly exaggerated claims with no scientific evidence for treating life threatening illness, when if they were buying a car, domestic equipment or other major consumer items they would take the manufacturer's claims with a pinch of salt and do their research first.

Well I suppose they are doing some research in asking you and maybe they have no idea of the resources available on the internet or don't have access. It's easy to forget what the situation is like when you are suddenly faced for the first time with a major health problem and have no experience of this area.

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