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Question about blood test results

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Dear All

In my 8 years since diagnosis I have not asked for or seen many of my blood results. I know what bloods were taken this time last year:

U + E's
Lupus anticoagulant.
Lipid and glucose profiles.

I also know that 3 months ago a lot more immunology tests were run and I was found to need additional protection with the pneumonia vaccine.

This next rheumy appt. I want to take up more responsibility for understanding what is going on and need therefore to know more about the bloods I think. Can someone point me to pages here or a web link for advice on this and basic info. I know what FBC and ESR. lipids and glucose are for and the GP always goes through those when there is any problem with them. I also understand about the lupus anticoalgulant but what I don't know is what levels all these other tests should be at.

I will go off hunting now but as I said if anyone can advise on what i need to know and what questions to ask I would be grateful. My health has slipped a fair bit this year and I have had to go back onto pred. so I think more awareness is now an important issue for me.

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Hi Sara,
There is a good explanation about a lot of the blood tests on this website in the diagnosis/tests section.Otherwise,'labstest online' is quite good or the St.Thomas's lupus site.U&E's are urea and electrolytes,LFT's-liver function tests,CRP- c-reactive protein,C3 and C4 are complement level tests.Hope that helps a bit!
Hello Sara

I think this is an excellent idea because it helps feel more in control and also to dialogue effectively with the doctors.

There are several test sites listed in the sticky at the top of this forum section

Let us know if you need any further info.

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Thank you both.
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