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question about flares and rashes?

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I've been lucky enough to have a holiday in France.It was quite hot but I used sunscreen.Since I've been back my arms are red and blotchy,as is my back.I have ulcers on the roof of my mouth which I have never had before.My hip,hand shoulder and knee joints are very painful,but not swollen.The immunologist said my rash is urticaria but I have been taking Piriton and using betnovate but it is unresponsive to both things.This rash is slightly raised and feels like I have been washed with a scrubbing brush but is not itchy at all just incredibly sore.Can you have all these things and it possibly be lupus but still have negative bloods?I know I have asked similar before,but I am a bit peplexed.Is this what the rash feels like for others?
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For the sun sensitive rash I used to get on my arms/neck, it might have itched a slight bit if I scratched it, but otherwise was painless really. So my experience was different than yours. Did you end up getting a biopsy done then or did they decide against it? This might be a good time to go back in if it hasn't been done yet!
Hi Julsie

Have you taken pictures of your rash? If not, make sure you get this done.

Its impossible to tell from descriptions whether a rash is Lupus related or not. The only way to tell for sure is by having a biopsy done. There are members here who have been diagnosed with Lupus through a skin biopsy when all their other blood tests were normal.

I have very little skin issues compared to some here on the boards but yet I know that if I exposed myself to the sun I would get a blister type rash within a short period of time. However I do everything I can to avoid the sun at all costs so therefore I have limited skin issues over the past couple of years. However I do get a red 'blush' from time to time on my chest and neck area. This also comes out if I am exposed to fluorescent or halogen lights or have even the smallest sun exposure.

I hope you can get some answers soon Julsie. It must be very frustrating for you. I think the dermatology route is definitely something I would explore if I were you.

Luv n stuff
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Hi,yes I had a biopsy done.My skin wasn't too bad at the time but I was desperate to get it done.It just said chronic eczema and' lymphocytic infiltration',I don't know what significance that is with skin?also that lupus may be seen in the deeper layers but the biopsy wasn't deep enough.I don't know if they did the immunoflourescence test.This rash is unlike any eczema I've ever had in over 30 years,I will try to get hubby to put a photo on as I am hopeless with computers!
I have taken photos of this and the mouth ulcers because I am thinking of going privately to the Lupus clinic,

Perhaps you should go and get a biopsy (private) done on this new rash early next week!

It might be worthwhile posting again on the site asking for names of specialists (dermies) that people have used privately.

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