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Hi Elizabeth, your hubby could have developed a sensitivity or even allergy to something. My partner had similar rash on shins and around hip area. Switching to Surcare washing detergent and softner, simple soap etc. etc - i.e. no chemical/bioligic cleansing stuff at all, cleared it up within a week or two. A lot of the stronger washing detergents have parfum and strong chemicals. The one time I used old washing powder - and not a strong one either (Ecover) the rash came back. Sometimes after staying in holiday places it can happen as they use harsh cleansing stuff I guess. You could try it. Surcare is designed for sensitive skin, a little bit more expensive I think but worth it. This allergy developed when my partner was in his 50's. Doc said it was ecszma (spelling) of some sort.
Hope this helps,
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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