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Oh boy, this is a miserable thing. Your poor husband! Definitely change to a non-irritating laundry soap -- one with no fragrance or bleach or anything. Change bath soap. Wash the towels and bedsheets in something different than what you've been using -- anything to figure out what he's reacting to all of a sudden.

If you can get your hands on aloe plants, slice open the leaves and rub the goo over his rash. It's stinky, sticky and dries into something not great. But it heals like crazy. I use it for almost everything. Use it just before going to bed and let it air dry before lying down. It's wonderful stuff. And the plants are incredibly hardy. I have two in pots. One made the trip from Arizona nine years ago in a brown paper bag. I bring them inside in the winter (they get no water during the winter) and then toss them outside when the weather gets warm. Water moderately through the summer. They grow and make new plants. When we lived in AZ, the things grew like weeds. Every spring I would pull out the plants crowding my aloe bed. Sometimes I pulled over 100 plants from my tiny space.

Anyway, I hope your husband gets some relief. And how rotten he has to wait so long and then go to a hospital so far away. Just doesn't sound right.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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