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Question about lovanox?

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I finally have an appointment with my rheumy tomorrow regarding my miscarriages. I do have a curious question regarding lovanox. I actually didn't start my lovanox till around the time I probably conceived. I was wondering if anyone knows why it is recommended to start on day 6 of the cylce, since the blood thinners need to be replenished every 24 hours.


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Hi Savvy,

All the best wit your rheumy appointment. Let us know how you get on.

I don't quite know what you mean abut the levanox question. You've obviously read something abou it somewhere? Could you post a link to that site or a reference. Otherwise I wouldn't like to comment either way.

The standard protocol for treatment is nothing until a positive pregnancy test (so week 4), then asprin 80mg starting immediately the test is positive, then adding in levanox once a heart beat is seen on ultrasound, so usually at 6 or 7 weeks pregnant.

So, starting anticoagulation at conception is not the usual protocol for most centers. HGowever, this is the way I do it too, after discussion with my obstetrician and rheumatologist. The hope it that that way the uterus is a more 'friendly' place for the implanting embryo.

I start at day 12-14 (the day I get a positive ovulation test). Implantation occurs usually between 7 to 10 days after that, so between day 21 and 24 of a regular 28 day cycle.

So if you are starting at day 6 (probably just after your period ends?), then you are certainly 'on time'. If you aren't pregnant at the end of the cycle it is worth stopping the injections. For one, you'll bleed less heavily thus putting yourself less at risk of anaemia. Secondly the injections hurt and bruise, and I at least am really grateful to have a break from them, and thirdly, there is a risk of bone thining as a side effect of the injections, so it makes sense to use as few as possible. And fourthly they are really expensive.

You are right about each injection needing to be repeated every 24 hours. They start being effective really quickly though (within 3 hours I think), so there is no need to be on them 'in advance' in order to build up a theraputic leves as is the case with for example plaquenil.

Hope this helps,

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