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Hi All,
don't start many threads but this is something that has been nigglig away at me and wanted to try nd get some advice please.
I am waiting for diagnosis, have a really good gp and first appt with rheumy said he thought there was some connective tissue disease going on in particular lupus. I had a positive ANA and the last bloods i had done in April came back positive aswell wirh rnp anti body so i know its possible i could be facing a diagnosis of mctd or lupus as i do have lots of physical signs and symptoms aswell.
In the past i have had problems that i feel could be relating to this and just wonder whether along with the other long list of symtoms i have its worth mentioning and whether this would influence the diagnosis as they are things the past.
I already have type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. In the past i have suffered depression, i also had pre eclampsia in 5 pregnancies which was a bit of a mystery to the obstetric world, on of my babies was born at 27 weeks after major placental abrubtion but luckily she had no long term complications. I have had several periods of dibilitation due to illness, where i have not been able to leave the house for about 3-4 months each time. On e of these actually happened when i was much younger, 12 i think and there was no explaination given for it. Along with lots of other things that now to me seem strange.
I am certain now that as my initial symtoms started in oct 07 and my thyroid disfunction came on so rapidly after that that my thyroid was caused by what ever is ging on now, even my doctor said that it got very bad very quickly which is unusual as it had been checked in oct and was fine and by end of jan my tsh was upto 49!
Sorry for rambling.
Would really appreciate any other comments please.Hope everyone else is doing o.k

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