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My Lupus seems to have settled in my ankles and lower legs. It started out very painful & numb at the same time but after my hospital stay & all the new meds I'm not in pain anymore just total numbness in my feet and ankles. Yesterday I did a lot of standing in one place and setting at my sewing machine. By the end of the day my lower back & hips were hurting as well as my legs felt as if they were the size of football stadiums. My question is: Is this normal? Is this part of the Lupus or something else? By the way here is what I'm taking for meds:
Lyricia - 3 times a day - 150 mg
Prednisone - once a day down to 17.5 mg
Cellcept - twice a day - 500 mg
Plaqunel - twice a day - 200 mg

I also take:
Levothyroxine - once a day - 175 mcg
Furosemide - once day - 20mg
Calicum w/vitamin D - twice a day
Iron - twice a day

I've had the symtoms for about a year, but they weren't able to diagnosis the cause until just this past April. So this is all very new to me.
Sonya in Wichita, KS

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Hi Sonja,
I don't have an an answer to your post, but wanted to welcome you here to this wonderful site. There are so many knowledgeable people here that are helpful. I also know there are a lot of fellow sewers-I wish I was one of them, but I am the type who sews the project to whatever I am wearing(yes-I have done this:lol:)
I think it might help if you wouldn't mind, but to let us know what all you are diagnosed with.
Let us know how you are doing today-I hope much better.
Sometimes when you overdo, your body really yells out you:eek:



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Hi Sonya,

I wouldn't ever describe those symptoms as strictly normal, however they might be part of your lupus.

I certainly can't sit for any length of time, let alone stand. I would also get pain in my back, hips, knees, everywhere really if I did decide to sit like that.

The thing is, whether this is part of your "normal" disease activity or not, it is not normal and needs mentioning to your rheumy.

There is also a danger of dismissing symptoms beieving everything is down to our lupus when it could well be something else that needs treating differently. You could have a problem with a disk for example or pressure on your sciatic nerve/s...

hope that helps a bit,
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