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Hello Gabrielle

I would ask to start on Plaquenil which is the first line oral med for lupus and is used in RA. It might mean less of the methotrexate which tends to have more side effects and of course to reduce the Prednisone which you shouldn't be on for longer than necessary.
Plaquenil has numerous beneficial side effects including being helpful for lung problems in some ways, like pleurisy, if I remember rightly.

It's usual to take folic acid along with the methotrexate, to help with side effects because it is folic acid depleting. Make sure urine has been tested.

I probably wouldn't push her about the SLE. Some people have SLE with RA as the main feature or a clear overlap when it's not all that easy to distinguish. So long as you are being treated effectively, it's best not to have a formal SLE diagnosis.

I doubt if there is a greater chance of your children having lupus than there is of them developing any chronic condition, god forbid, or having a serious accident or illness. I hope she is a better doctor than her cruel and misinformed remarks suggest.

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