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Don't know why I am this way but

Don't know why I am this way but I have a problem being hypersensitive to many medications and have landed in the ER several times with many different kinds. I can't take Lortab, Vancomycin, Elavil, Ultram ER. Skelaxan just to name a few. When they first started me on plaquinel I had alot of stomach problems. Irritable bowel syndrome. So this drug just did not like my tummy and caused me stomach cramping. Doctor insisted me taking the drug so we decided to take 1/4 of the dose meaning splitting the pills in half. Got adjusted to that one and it took a month. In four months I finally had the 400mgs. in me. I really did not notice to much until about 6 months later and the drug really helped alot. Right now I a flaring something aweful and seems like nothing is working at all. I hurt something bad today. Hope you get well soon and wish you my best.:hehe:
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