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Questions about pregnancy and lupus

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I don't have a definite diagnosis of lupus, but I have started plaquenil. I guess I am working under the assumption that I probably have lupus, with all the symptoms I have had.

Before I got sick, my husband and I were trying to get pregnant.

Here are my questions, for those who have perhaps already gone through pregnancy.

1. How many people stay on Plaquenil while they are trying to get pregnant?

2. How many people get put on prednisone, while they are trying to get pregnant?

3. If a lupus patient has had lupus nephritis, do rheumatologists recommend against pregnancy, usually?

4. If a lupus patient needs clomid, because they don't ovulate regularly (this might be an obscure, question, so I understand if people have no clue), has anyone had trouble with clomid and other medications that they might be on for lupus?

Obviously, I am going to ask my rheumatologist all these questions too, but I was curious about what other's may have to say.
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I'll answer what I can right now at least:

(1) It is advised usually for women to stay on Plaquenil while trying to get pregnant and while pregnant, as a lupus flare is usually of more risk to mother/baby than the drug.

(2) I don't think very many people get put on prednisone while trying to get pregnant, unless there is some other reason for it. Doctors really try to limit total lifetime dose of prednisone, so it would be uncommon to be put on it just because you're trying to get pregnant. It is a very safe medication to take while pregnant though to manage a lupus flare.

(3) Active lupus nephritis, doctors will recommend against pregnancy. Ideally, lupus of any type should be either in remission for at least 6 months before pregnancy.

(4) No idea! If you get an answer from your doctor please post again. Personally, I'd try to not use any hormone or strong drug if I was able to because you never know what might provoke a flare.

Good luck - hope it all works out for you.
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Hi Kate,

I don't have much to add to Maia's already comprehensive answer:p, except, that if necessary (and of course no-one does resort to IVF unless it IS necessary) it is posible to combine lupus meds and clomid, and other IVF hormones and proceedures. There is however an increased risk of flares in response to the hormonal swings. In one study of IVF in lupus patents however, the flares were mostly mild and easily controlled. Importantly, the worst problems happened to those who had tried to hide their lupus (ie had lied to the fertility doctors claiming not to have lupus). It is much safer to be open and honest about it - then the doctors are allert for potential problems and can treat correctly sooner.

When I first started trying to concieve, my rheumy put me on pred. At the time I had grumbling chronic proteinuria (probably mild lupus nephritis) and not too great lupus control, so the pred was to get me more healthy in general and probably necessary regardles of our baby making plans. In the mean time, I've switched to azathioprine, which is also safe for use in pregnancy if needed for adequate SLE control.

All the best,

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I have been in a complete remission and am currently taking clomid. I have antiphospholipid antibodies so I am going through IUI's so that I can speed up the process (in case I have miscarriages, already had one)

So as I mentioned, I have been in complete remission and have not noticed any lupus signs. So good luck to you!

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