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YEP I get that too::wall: I most of the time just say its an auto immune disease and don't give much detail unless asked or if I know the person is really interested or if I need them to know my limitations!:explain:
I'll be honest until I was diagnosed I never heard of lupus:scratch: I had to ask my doctors 4 to be exact that diagnosed me what it was and then I began my research:writing:
I think that unfortunately the disease is not commonly talked about or given the attention it deserves if it was then we wouldn't have to explain it to others, until then I know what your talking about and as I said in another thread I started last week or so people automatically think that everything is the lupus fault (granted most of the time it is related) but sometimes its not!!Now that frustrates me!!:hissy: :tantrum: :wall: :grrr:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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