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My lupus is mainly very obvious on my face but strangely I have rarely been asked about it. I suppose because in most places it is rude to make comments about personal appearance. I am very curious about the sort of person who would ask why doctors or pharmacy, gosh, what a diabolical liberty !

Those who do ask are either just being nosey or interfering busybodies, or are caring and will have a genuine interest. In general I don't talk to people about it, only when there is need and sometimes I will say it's a bit like rheumatoid arthritis which everybody has heard of.
Sometimes I give my lupus in 3 minutes speech.
Sorry to say most people are asking out of politeness and the only answer they expect is to be asked how they are.
Truth to tell, I am not all that interested in certain topics that interest other people. I might ask politely because I know it is important to them but I do not want to know all about it.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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