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Hi Pam

So Sorry to hear that you are not very great. I hope you start to feel more comfortable real soon.

I was in hospital in January with what was finally diagnosed as costochondritis and I know exactly what you are going through; its so painful. It lasted for weeks and I had to take increased pred.

About three weeks ago, I developed the same sort of pain under my right armpit (at the bottom of it) on my ribs and when I was at the lupus clinic 10 days ago my consultant said that when people have active lupus they are more prone to get these sorts of problems including costochondritis and general pleuratic pain. I was advised to take paracetamol 4 hourly (max 8 in 24 hours) until it subsides. Well it hasnt and over the weeked it got a whole lot worse. The lupus clinic said that if it got worse and I got breathless (which I havent, thankfully) I should go again to A&E due to aps. I asked a friend who is an aromatherapist and she advised me to rub on some pure 100% lavender oil gently on the area at night and it might be doing the trick, its very anti-inflamatory and she does know my medical history and medications. If this does work it will be a miracle because nothing else seems to settle it down for me but time.

Anyway, I really hope you are a little better very soon.

(((((Pam))))) very gentle!!

Julia x
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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