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Pam ((((((((hugs))))))), so sorry to hear you are dealing with this awful stuff:( . As for your questions, 1. Yes, I get muscle spasms, I actually have the muscles come up in hard knots, like what happens when your foot gets a bad cramp:sad:My breast bone also pops just like a knee would. 2. I think most people differ here, for me I have had it go on for 6 mos. and stop only with cortisone injection or increased prednisone. My rhuemy says it is a seperate condition from Lupus, but that the two occur together frequently. My rheumy treats me for the costo as well. As for why it is recurring, I wish I knew. I pesionally do believe it is linked to the lupus, because when my sle is more active the costo is worse.
I have found that extra supportive bras do help a bit during the day, and sleeping on your side with your chest supported by soft pillows helps.
I hope you get some relief soon:)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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