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I've had it, and the worst time was due to a terrible viscious cough that I had that lasted for months. The pain was so intense I could not pick up my then 1 year old daughter... so you have my deepest sympathy on this pain!

I ended up taking cough medicine with an anti-nausea drug and finally got on the right antibiotic which took the cough away but it still took another month for the really bad pain to go away and a solid two months for all the pain to go away. Many say prednisone is required.

I was advised by my physical therapist that there are some specific things you can do in physical therapy that will reduce the liklihood of a recurrence, some even as simple as laying down flat on your back. You may want to inquire about this for the future when you are feeling a bit better (I know there is NO exercise even possible right now!).

Take care & hope it improves soon (I second the suggestion of a pred burst, if it's due to lupus this would help greatly).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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